Meet the Coaching Team

Our Coaches and Run Leaders are England Athletics qualified and are passionate about helping our members achieve their individual goals. Whether you are looking to run your first 5k, enter your first marathon, or looking to progress and set new personal best times, the team are here to support and encourage you.

Ben Short


Hi, I've been coaching running clubs for over 5 years, following my 1st class Sport and Exercise degree I took up personal training and exercise physiology, focusing on running and the science behind how to improve. I live and breathe running and love to utilise high energy motivation techniques to help others reach their full potential. 

My proudest moment came at the Paris Marathon in 2014 when I achieved my goal by 6 seconds, simply as I didn't think my time I set myself at the beginning of the year was possible and this terrified me. 


I trained incredibly hard and fought with the line of failure throughout, eventually finishing on top. My biggest running inspirations aren't the top athletes that train full time but those who have full time jobs, children and training barriers but still make time to train and reach their desired goals without excuses. If you can do it, then I can't make excuses. I run to test myself, progress my PBs and to show off my Sapphire Blues.

Dani Christmas
Hi, with over a decade experience competing and coaching at the highest level across the globe my aim is to take the principles learnt in world class sport and apply them to help athletes of all levels achieve their goals. As a former 800m athlete I specialise in the technical aspects of the sport.

Living as a professional athlete taught me the skills needed to succeed and now I take great pleasure passing on this knowledge on to young sporting stars in various mentoring roles in addition to the local athletes I coach at Horley Harriers.

I get a real buzz helping others to achieve their goals and that has developed a real passion for the coaching and mentoring side of the sport.

As a Sports Massage Therapist, I also provide support to the Horley Harriers in areas of injury prevention and event recovery.

Currently, I am based in Spain pursuing a career as a professional cyclist but hope to return to coaching at the club at the end of the season.
Lisa Roberjot


I joined Horley Harriers in July 2014 and took the leadership in running fitness qualification in April 2015. I was never very good at running at school but started taking part in fun runs in my 30s, as a way of keeping fit but also to keep up with my sisters and brother! Since then I have completed numerous 5k and 10k runs, half marathons and 4 marathons.

My proudest running achievement so far has been running 2 marathons in 2 weeks - something I never thought imaginable before joining the Harriers, and my favourite run has been the London Marathon. My biggest running inspiration is Paula Radcliffe, who I saw running in my first ever 10k in 2005 and most recently in her last competitive marathon in London this year.

My personal running goals this season include a sub-23 minute 5k and a 10k PB. As part of the Harriers coaching team, I am looking forward to gaining experience as a run leader and helping both new and existing runners to achieve their own running goals.

Chris Giggs


Hello, I have been running with the Horley Harriers since its birth and completed my leadership in running qualification in September 2014, allowing me to take a leading role in sessions since this time. I love running, and I have really enjoyed taking an active role in planning and delivering sessions to the group.

The first running event I ever took part in was the 2014 Hellrunner, and I have taken part in multiple half marathons and a full marathon since this time. I would never have thought that in the space of a year and a half I could go from casual and infrequent gym user to full marathon runner – mainly down to the running community that I have become part of. My dream is to assist other people in doing the same and to improve themselves beyond what they originally thought imaginable.

I like to use running as part of a broader spectrum of exercise. If I’m not out running you will find me playing football, squash, in the gym or at a workout class. My goals for this season are to run consistent sub 20 min 5K, and also maintain the endurance running fitness I gained through marathon training, but also trying to add a bit of muscle to myself with weight training. Bring it on!!!

Mark Ross


Hi, I have been running with the Horley Harriers since the summer of 2015.  In 2016 I completed England Athletics Leadership in Running Fitness course and in 2019 I qualified as a Coach in Running Fitness.

In my younger years running was not an activity I really enjoyed, but in 2012 I caught the triathlon bug.  Through determination and learning how to pace myself I started to enjoy running. Before joining the club the furthest I had run was 10km, now I am proud to say I have run a marathon in 3h 50min.

My goal for 2018 was to qualify for the 2019 World triathlon championships and represent Great Britain as an Age Grouper and having achieved this I look forward to wearing the GB tri-suit with pride. 

I am currently studying for a degree in sports management and fitness.  I love the science side of fitness whether that be nutrition, training planning or analyzing my activity data to find areas of improvements and where I need to focus in my training.  I get a real buzz in supporting people improve their fitness and look forward to running with you.

Fiona Montgomery


I've been a member of Horley Harriers since the very first session and am delighted to have the opportunity to give something back and join the coaching team, having completed the Leadership In Running Fitness course in 2018.


I did not enjoy running when I was at school.  I was one of the kids who would hide in the trees and jump out on the last lap.


At one point many moons ago, I was delighted with a sub-1hr Race For Life 5k. In 2011 I started the Couch to 5k plan as a way to help lose weight and get a bit healthier. I've now run over 200 parkruns, 35 Half Marathons, 8 Marathons and one 50km Ultramarathon, in which I finished 2nd female (out of two.... ahem). I may have a bit of a bling addiction, but also like events with a bit of a twist, such as wine at the water stations, or running up a mountain in Switzerland. I also once swam through a bog during a "run"....

Judy Ross


I joined the Harriers in 2015 after seeing so many smiling Harrier faces at the Reigate 10k and in 2018 I joined the Coaching Team having completed the England Athletics Leadership in Running Fitness course.


I started running in 2012 when I entered my first triathlon, but struggled to complete the 5k run without walking much of it.  I was determined to run the 5k and in 2015 I decided to improve my running fitness.  It worked and not only did I fully run the triathlon 5k, I also ran Reigate 10k and I actually began to enjoy running, something I never thought would happen.

Since then I have completed a number of Half Marathons, a half Ironman distance triathlon and in 2019 I will be running my second Marathon, this time in London.

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