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Horley Harriers is the first official running club of Horley, Surrey and in 2016 we became an England Athletics affiliated club.


We welcome both social and competitive runners to the club, so whether you are looking to enjoy running with like minded people in a supportive environment, or have specific distance / time goals in mind, our England Athletic accredited Coaches and Run Leaders are here to support you.


Coached training sessions are held every Tuesday and Thursday.  All Horley based sessions start at 6.30pm from various locations around Horley.

Training Nights (sample sessions)

Tuesday Session: Steady state or Tempo


The session is a long bout (roughly 40-45 minutes) of continuous running. The pace of the run is self selected so depending on how energetic you are feeling you can select a steady state pace (low intensity) or a faster paced tempo run!


Steady state is for those wanting to enjoy the social aspects of running with a club, a 'steady state' pace can be selected. Running at this pace you will feel relaxed and somewhat comfortable maintaining this pace throughout the session.It is possible to hold and enjoy a conversation with another runner or the run leader as the exercise intensity is low enough that the body can work aerobically. This means the body is able to breathe in and transfer enough oxygen to the working muscles, delaying the onset of fatigue.


Tempo runs are for those feeling very energetic, a 'tempo' pace can be selected. This pace is slightly faster than steady state and is often described as feeling 'comfortably hard'. During a tempo run you would struggle to hold a conversation with another person without becoming breathless. This type of training improved the bodies ability to run at higher speeds without suffering muscle fatigue.

Thursday Sessions: Speed endurance


The session consists of short bouts or intervals of high intensity running, interspersed with set periods of rest or active recovery. Runners operate at their individual ability level in a supportive environment. This type of training increases the body's ability to work at a higher rate for longer periods of time, which is beneficial to runners looking to improve their speed over 3k, 5k, and 10k distances and ideal for developing interval based fitness.

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