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Harriers World Tour (parkrun Team Challenge)

The Harriers have taken on the team challenge to virtually visit every Capital city, in every country, where a parkrun is held. A total of 43,000 miles. Two teams have taken on the challenge and their actual weekly mileage (walk, run, bike) will be added to the virtual tour. Starting on 30th January 2021, which team and when will complete the challenge?

Update 10/01/23 - Since August the teams have been travelling across the Southern Ocean from New Zealand to the Falkland Islands. After a brief rest they are now heading towards the Northern Hemisphere and the Washington DC parkrun.  After this just Canada and Ireland remain before returning back to Tilgate where it all began. Great running Harriers. 

Washington DC flag.jpeg

World tour route map

Map courtesy of Travellerspoint

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